WERDA School

Grade 00 - 12

  (031) 464 7801/2



Our Vision & Mission Statement

The mission of Werda School is to serve the community by upholding Christian values and providing an excellent education.

We achieve this by
Striving for academic excellence, driven by competent, dedicated staff.
Creating a disciplined learning environment devoid of violence, intimidation and disruption.
Cultivating self-respect and respect for others: fellow learners, educators, parents and the community at large.
Having a holistic approach, where learners are encouraged to participate in sport and cultural / social activities.
Guiding our learners to reach their full potential and in so doing, to be well-balanced, responsible, goal-orientated citizens.
Fostering integrity, a healthy lifestyle and high morals according to Christian principles.
Contact Us
Tel: 031 464 7801/2
Fax: 031 464 7881
General Enquiries: admin@werda.co.za
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